The Bigfoot Filmography Now Out!

The fine folks at McFarland have generously sent me a copy of The Bigfoot Filmography.  I am very pleased as author with how they have presented my The Bigfoot Filmography by David Colemantext. From the careful lay-outs to the high-quality reproduction of the rare photos, and from the wonderfully graphic cover to the choice of premium stock upon which to print, The Bigfoot Filmography is definitely not going to disappoint fans of Cine du Sasquatch.

The final beast is a massive tome, as is perhaps befitting its subject matter. Whatever one’s critical opinion, it is hard to dispute The Bigfoot Filmography has priority value in event of emergency flooding, at the very least. One can easily sit atop it’s generous-sized bulk with one’s family, pet and even a few choice neighbors and bob along to safety. Sure beats the Kindle edition in such apocalyptic disasters, that’s for sure! 😉

Early enthusiasm for the book is very keen, as the following actual screenshot taken from Amazon reveals:

Click to enlarge and read how you can steal this book for only $406.13 (plus shipping)!

The screenshot shows an actual page that has been serving out from the Amazon page via an Amazon reseller. While one can only hope this is a typo, in case anyone is seriously impaired enough to order The Bigfoot Filmography at $406.13 (plus shipping)? Allow me to point out this is (erroneously) listed as “Used” which is quite impossible given the book is officially scheduled for release today! And more importantly, the author is hereby prepared to send his own personal copy for only $203.07 (plus shipping)! 😉

Order The Bigfoot Filmography  from Amazon.


About David Coleman

Author and screenwriter David Coleman has written for studios such as Universal, Sony, DEG, and such Hollywood talent as Michael Douglas, Philip Noyce, Dino DeLaurentiis, and more. A new book CRYPTOZOOLOGY ANTHOLOGY is available from New Texture. His previous book THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS: MANIC DEPRESSION IN THE MOVIES is available from Rowman & Littlefield Publications. His previous book from McFarland Press THE BIGFOOT FILMOGRAPHY (2012) is still available. View all posts by David Coleman

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