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Bob Mitchum Meets Bigfoot!

My thanks to the fine folks over at Shadowland Magazine. They just accepted my new piece “Bob Mitchum Meets Bigfoot!” for their upcoming Fall 2011 issue. The four-page article features the recently re-animated Robert Mitchum and John Huston, no less, pontificating the relative values of Killer Gorilla vs. Savage Sasquatch movies as beguiling genres of bargain-basement cinema.

As die-hard Mitchumphiles know, Robert Mitchum was forever obsessed with defining what he considered the near haiku distillation of everything that was wrong with each new turkey picture he was assigned to ‘rescue’ from bad scripts, dull directors and worse producers. He endlessly repeated to every director he worked with how one always knew when one was working on a “Gorilla Picture.” A Gorilla Picture was, to Mitchum’s reckoning, one in which nothing much happened for six or seven reels of the movie. Then in the final reel? A gorilla bursts into the movie, steals the heroine, and leaves the hero to duke it out, mano a gorillo. Fade out, roll end credits.

As you can no doubt guess, the editors of Shadowland Magazine take a healthy “open source” viewpoint towards even the more esoteric of content submissions! Jam-packed with informative, well-researched perspectives on classic and not-so-classic horror, SF and B-movies, Shadowland Magazine reminds this Old Ghoul School writer of a clever, revivalist concoction of Famous Monsters of Filmland meets the keener-edged content of Castle of Frankenstein. Quite an accomplishment, as these were always my two favorite mags as a SF/horror-obsessed lad in the halcyon days before the Internet.