Pre-Orders Now Accepted for TBF

Pre-order your copy now of The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television (ISDN 9780786448289) from McFarland either via Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The Bigfoot Filmography by David ColemanWhile actual street date is yet to be announced, this is a sure-fire stocking stuffer for the avid cryptid enthusiast on your holiday shopping list for this upcoming season. Why not take care of it now (unless they’ve been naughty… or is that, especially because they have been…?).  😉

To up the ante? I’ll send a free autographed copy of my earlier fictional cryptid foray Ancient Lake to anyone who pre-orders The Bigfoot Filmography. It’s as easy as sending me an email confirmation that you receive from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble (minus your credit card and/or other pertinent personal info, of course!).

So after you pre-order? Just click the Contact the Author button herein. Send me an email and I’ll ask you how you want the Ancient Lake inscription to read, where to ship, etc. All at no additional cost, and my way of giving you a little something for giving others something, too.


About David Coleman

Author and screenwriter David Coleman has written for studios such as Universal, Sony, DEG, and such Hollywood talent as Michael Douglas, Philip Noyce, Dino DeLaurentiis, and more. A new book CRYPTOZOOLOGY ANTHOLOGY is available from New Texture. His previous book THE BIPOLAR EXPRESS: MANIC DEPRESSION IN THE MOVIES is available from Rowman & Littlefield Publications. His previous book from McFarland Press THE BIGFOOT FILMOGRAPHY (2012) is still available. View all posts by David Coleman

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