Published Books

The Bipolar Express: Manic Depression and the MoviesBipolarExpress_CvrSM

From Rowman & Littlefield Publishing. Non-Fiction. ISBN 978-0-8108-9193-7. Now Available.

From early silents of the twentieth century through critically acclaimed films of today, The Bipolar Express: Manic Depression and the Movies compares depictions of mood swings on screen with clinical examples of actual manic depression—carefully distinguishing real versus stereotypical portrayals.

This fascinating study is augmented by a concise filmography of over 400 feature-length films from around the world that feature themes or characters relating to manic-depressive illness.

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Cryptozoology Anthology: Strange and Mysterious Creatures in Men’s Adventure Magazines

CRYPTO ltd coverFrom New Texture. Non-Fiction. ISBN 978-0982723913. Now Available.

For three decades, when American men had questions about the Yeti, the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, and other weird beasts from the strange world of cryptozoology, they found answers in the hard-hitting pages of men’s adventure magazines.

Now, collected in Cryptozoology Anthology for the first time ever, are samples of sensational period reporting and wild, “true” accounts of savage, fist-to-claw duels between man and Sasquatch, man and fishman, man and monster! Plus full-color vintage pulp artwork that accompanied the stories’ original publication, rare archival discoveries, men’s pulp history, expert analysis, cryptid-by-cryptid commentary, and much, much more.

This latest installment in the Men’s Adventure Library is edited by Robert Deis of, David Coleman (The Bigfoot Filmography) and Wyatt Doyle (Stop Requested), and includes contributions from luminaries in the field such as Sir Arthur C. Clarke, John Keel, and many others.

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Also Available by David Coleman

The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television

The Bigfoot Filmography by David ColemanFrom McFarland Publications. Non-Fiction. ISBN 978-0-7864-4828-9. Still Available.

Complete with 100s of rare photos, many never-before published, and interviews with key Bigfoot genre filmmakers, The Bigfoot Filmography: Fictional and Documentary Appearances in Film and Television is a first of its kind reference guide and genre-defining critique of “Cine du Sasquatch” — a newly-proposed genre of horror filmmaking.

But as the overview of every-known Bigfoot film & t.v. appearance makes readily apparent, Cine du Sasquatch is actually as old as the narrative film itself. Citing the earliest examples of

Actor ‘Tiny’ Ron patiently awaits the daily make-up ordeal in order to become the titular star of SASQUATCH MOUNTAIN.

Yeti movies by pioneering filmmakers such as George Méliès and Willis O’Brien, and then moving forward through film history to denote key moments in the genre’s progression, The Bigfoot Filmography meticulously documents how the Cine du Sasquatch genre has always been lurking, just out of classification in film critique annals and as misunderstood as the cryptozoological namesake which inspires the films.

With a forward by noted cryptozoologist, author, and museum curator Loren Coleman (no relation), The Bigfoot Filmography also includes a complete listing and critique of every known Bigfoot, Yeti, and Sasquatch movie and t.v. appearance, cameo, or significant mention, complete with cast and crew credits, running times, and other resourceful information about each listing.

“Excellent and entertaining… great for a quick dip or a page-by-page read.” ~ Skeptical Inquirer “The best book of 2012.” ~ Shadowland Magazine “The ultimate Bigfoot Bible.” ~ Rue Morgue “A must for 1970s nostalgia fans.” ~ Video Watchdog “Two thumbs up.” ~ Fortean Times

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Ancient Lake

From CryptoHaus Press. Fiction. 208 Pages. ISBN 978-1602641549. Out of Print.

Downsized librarian Anne Cheron returns to her native Texas town to find her missing brother Eddie, who has vanished beneath the deceptively calm waters of Ancient Lake. But Anne will never see Eddie again, at least not as the warm, loving sibling of a shared, pain-filled childhood.

Before Anne realizes the depths of evil she faces, she is in way over her terrified head, targeted for death by the very horror that killed Eddie and now wants her slaughtered, too. Stalked by unknown enemies paranormal and human as well, Anne Cheron must solve the mystery of the forbidding Ancient Lake or die in its depths, the last in a series of unsolved murders.

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